The Colourful World of Ladies Fashion for Spring and Summer 2011

The sinewy models of the catwalk sashayed in the hottest colours forladies fashion in the 2011 Spring/Summer Collections. They strutted and twirled in designs meant to dazzle, and inspire. And what they announced to the rest of us as they pranced and pouted down the runway was that the time of fun colours has arrived. In fact, the word on the street is that the LBD (little black dress) is being relegated to the back of the wardrobe, and is at least momentarily being superseded by fresh hues.

To call it refreshing would be a major understatement, which fashion shows are intrinsically not. Hot pink, chartreuse and ultra marine are on the radar, and as if that was not a welcomed enough change there is more to rejoice over. These audacious colours are surprisingly not being paired safely with neutrals. It is as if all the colours of the most rousing crayons in the box have been taken out, and are the only ones being used. Instead of what we would normally have anticipated, that they be combined with tan, grey or khaki, they are instead being shown with other shocking shades of orange, blue and green.

Now to be fair, there have been hints that colour was on the horizon, as handbags have been seen on the arms of royalty, celebrities, supermodels, moms and school girls in such joyful colours for quite a few seasons now. The astonishment arises from the fact that those rainbow coloured totes remained a safe wardrobe addition. But what is being displayed now is anything but safe, it is instead brazen and bold.

Some observers of these fashion shows may have, for a brief instant thought that this injection of fabulous stimulating colour was yet another of those fashion details that would never make it into the world of normal every day women. And that would be a reasonable consideration, since black and neutrals have reigned supreme for so long. Nonetheless, this is a trend that is being embraced amongst we common folk. Maybe we were all more than ready for this rainbow after years of dressing in drab tones.

One last thing, do not fret over how to get this look right. Of course, trying to wear these colours together and simultaneously avoiding the appearance of a big top featured performer is the objective. But, by selecting garments that have good lines, and are not overly generous in the fabric department, this can be wisely prevented.

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