Take a Lesson on Where Trends and Style Diverge

Where has this instant trend of the pink skinny jean come from. I was utterly sideswiped by it. I can’t lie about this one, while I love all the designers showing the bubbly sweet pastels on the catwalk I have already had enough of the pink jean phenomenon. I tell you it was like over night the thought was planted in the heads of high street goers, and they must have sprinted out to grab a pair of these ice cream sherbet coloured pantalones.

So much fun could be had by those of us who never actually expect to buy items straight off the runway. But instead, in this case it is like a clone sighting, and it kind of freaks me out. I want to see the dreamy blues in blowy blouses, and the cornfield yellow in I say on pencil skirts take to the local level. Mixed and matched based upon independent thought, but with the guidance of the designers.

If you would like an example look to Stone Island for it. This is an Italian company that has made real strides in contemporary fashion for men. They hit the market back in 1982 with a real spirit and inventive flair and have not slacked off since. They continue to introduce collections that give clients options that make sense, and do not pigeonhole the wearer. See what I mean, you can be trendy, but not become a trendwreck.

As for the pink jean thing, well this is where overbearing trends and style in my opinion diverge. If you throw on a pair of pink jeans on a Wednesday simply because everybody is doing it, not because it is how you are rolling, and then discard them the next Tuesday because some headline said to, that’s sad. Make some effort to express yourself.

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